Giant Inflatables

A creative tool in the display marketing industry, inflatables capture the eye of any target audience with larger than life inflatables.TallMan.Promo is an industry leader in creating custom inflatable – arches, domes, signs, spheres, and more. They are available in any shape or size, designed to make a big impression. Your custom inflatable can have lots of detail or a simple design. Customize your blower down to every last detail from blowers, to light up inflatables, to interactive inflatables at an event. Bring your ideas to us and let us bring them to life in the form of a custom inflatable.

TallMan.Promo has designed and produced inflatables for over 10 years and continue to make custom inflatables yearly. Our custom inflatables that have travelled across North America, in large cities, sporting events, as well ad museums and art galleries.

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