1.  What are the most common types of inflatables:

We mainly sell the following types of inflatable advertising balloons:

Air Tight inflatables are inflatables that are filled up once and remain filled with air until deflated (similar to a beachball). They are ideal for displays that requires minimal noise or for custom shapes which do not require a lot of detail.  Another advantage is that the unit does not require an continuous electrical source. Floating or helium inflatables are always airtight inflatables. One this inflatable has a leak is must be repaired before it can be used again. Most airtight inflatables we sell are used for at the point-of-sale.

Cold-Air (or Continuous Air) inflatables are made from breathable fabrics and require a constant supply of air provided by an air blower. Tallman.Promo provides both battery and outlet powered air blowers. When switched on this air-blower will fill the inflatable with air and keep it inflated. When switched off it will stop blowing air which will automatically deflate the billboard. These units will keep going even with small leaks. Most of the large inflatables we sell are cold-air inflatables.

Floating or helium inflatables will float in the air once they are filled up with helium. In order to float they are often made from a very light PVC material. Complex designs require a lot of material that needs to be off set by the volume of helium. There the more complex the design, the larger the inflatable model needs to be in order to float. We do not recommend the use of floating inflatable balloons for long term usage as they cannot be used in weather conditions with a lot of rain or wind.

Latex or mylar balloons are often used or events and in-store. Mylar balloons are more expensive but they last longer.

Latex is porous—meaning it is filled with thousands of microscopic holes. When you inflate a latex balloon, you’ll notice that the latex gets thinner. What you aren’t able to see is the fact that you’re also stretching these tiny holes to be even wider! So what happens? The helium you inflated the balloon with gradually seeps out through these holes, and the balloon starts to sink to the floor.

Mylar® is a trademarked material invented by DuPont Teijin Films, and is sometimes used as a generic word to refer to many balloons manufactured using similar foil and polyester materials. Balloons made out of these types of material aren’t porous, they’re airtight—meaning gas isn’t able to escape through the material itself. Helium might be able to escape through the neck seal, but if it’s sealed tightly enough, this tends not to be a problem.


2. What information do we need in order to correct quote your inflatable?

In order to correctly quote you the inflatable that works for you would you mind answering the following questions:

     a.)  When do you need this inflatable model in your hands?

     b.)  Will this unit be used indoors or outdoors (or both)? What is the setting?

     c.)  How many units are you considering?

     d.)  What is the look you are going for (cartoony, realistic, artistic, etc…)?

     e.)  How long does this unit needs to last (1 day, 1 month, 5+ years)?

     d.)  Can you tell us what goal you are looking to accomplish (impact, sales, instruction, etc…).

3.  How quick can I get a quote? What are the delivery times?

After we receive your answers you can expect your quote within 1 to 2 business days. The delivery time for simple large inflatables is 2 to 3 weeks, where complicated designs can take up to 6 to 8 weeks from approved artwork and order. For volume PVC airtight inflatables we require 12 to 14 weeks delivery time.

4.  What is the maximum wind speed that a giant inflatable can handle?

This very much depends on the shape of the inflatable. Some can handle force 7 while others (the tallest ones) need to come down at force 4. Therefore, ask advice from one of our staff members.

5.  Do I need a permit to install a giant (advertising) inflatable?

Most of the time it is not required for decorative inflatable and required for an advertising inflatable, however, it is best to check with the local municipality as rules are different for every region.

6.  Is a blower noisy?

TallMan.Promo uses blowers that are low in dBA so that noise hardly ever is an issue. However, with the really big inflatable we need to employ a big blower, hence the dBA will be higher. If sound power is an issue for you please contact one of our staff for information

7.  When there is a rip in the inflatable does it need to go back to TallMan.Promo?

Small rips can be repaired by the clients themselves, as every inflatable comes with a repair kit. For bigger rips, we will be able to repair it.

8.  When I pass on Pantone colours, will the colours be correct 100% on the inflatable?

Colours are always an approximation, the deviation of maximal 10% is possible and acceptable. As inflatables are always viewed from a distance it is hardly ever an issue, if however, one wants to ensure as to the exact colour you can request for a proof colour to be made for you.

9.  How is the artwork applied to the inflatable?

Most of the time the artwork is applied through digital printing, sometimes the artwork is air-brushed on. This really depends on the shape of the inflatable.

10.  How do I fix an inflatable so that it does not blow away?

When your inflatable is placed on grass, you can fix it down with big pegs. Are you going to put it on asphalt? It can be done with sand bags, concrete blocks or other heavy items. Also other items such as benches, gates, trees etc., are good anchor points.

11.  HELP, my inflatable is not inflating properly and topples a little.

It is most likely that there is a zipper open somewhere, check all zippers, also check if there are no obstructions in front of the blower inlet.

If the inflatable looks very rounded and out of shape when we inflate it. Probably a secondary zipper is not closed completely, so that air is pumped in between the first and second layer of the inflatable. Close the secondary zipper properly.

12.  What warranty do you offer?

Our warranty on all our giant inflatable is 1 year in manufacturer’s defects and errors.