Large Format Printing

Create a buzz and generate an electric atmosphere at your next sporting event! Custom cheering sticks are a great noise maker to engage a crowd. You can customize your sticks with a team logo, sponsor logo or cheer as well as in any colour. Our products are also used at political rallies, concerts, celebrations, parades, or for direct mail and product launches. Using your cheering sticks is as simple as taking the two sticks and straw out of the package, blowing up the sticks with the straw, and hit the inflated sticks together. This is a great way to get any crowd involved, creating an amazing environment!We will ensure you can show your team spirit and match team colours. Additionally, cheering sticks can also be customized by altering the shape to create a hockey stick, hand, guitar, or more. We match to pantone colours to match your branding exactly! The possibilities for cheering sticks are endless from plain noisemakers to light up sticks, they are all sure to create an unforgettable atmosphere at your event.

Make your event louder, more fun for everyone and something people will remember. TallMan.Promo custom cheering sticks are sure to check all of these boxes for your next event. All of our cheer gear is unique and fun for everyone!

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