Table Covers

Customized fitted table covers are sure to liven up any boring or bland table provided at an event or trade show. Create a unique and fully branded space showcasing your logo on the front and sides of your table cover. Table covers can be custom made with an open back, or zippered back to add storage under your table. If you would like to hide your items under your table, a zipper back is a good idea, or if your table will be walked around a fully closed option may be the best for you.

Convertible table covers are a unique option that work on an 8-foot table or a 6-foot table.

Displaying your custom brandingby showing your logo on your table cloth for all passing by to notice you. All of our covers are easy to clean, stain resistant and waterproof as well as wrinkle free, saving you from ironing or a wrinkly table cover.

Table cover can be bland and boring, but stretch cross-over table cover is unique and shows creativity. If you are looking for something different and eye catching, TallMan.Promo has the cover for you. The cross over table cover is uses two pieces of fabric allowing for creative style with colours and your logo. Additionally, you can print different colours, patterns or designs on each of the pieces. With our colour matching system you are sure to get perfect look, and are sure to get noticed.

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